"I have returned to bring peace and friendship throughout the Imperium, no matter what the voices in my head say!"
Vulkan is the Primarch of the Salamanders, and eighteenth son of the Emperor. Vulkan is unique among his brothers in that he is a Perpetual, meaning that he is effectively immortal, as his body will simply regenerate after death.

Official Canon Edit

Vulkan was found on Nocturne, where he had formed a strong bond with its people, and taught them mastery over forgecraft. Vulkan was reunited with his legion, the Salamanders, who specialize in master-crafted gear and flame weaponry. Known for his great humanitarianism, Vulkan openly banned the use of Phosphex, rad-weapons, and other terror weaponry in his legion during the Great Crusade. He also got along well with most of his brothers,

Horus Heresy Edit

During the Horus Heresy, Vulkan was among the first wave of loyalists sent to bring Horus and his traitors to Imperial Justice. However, he, Corvus Corax, and Ferrus Manus were betrayed by their brothers Lorgar, Konrad Curze, Perturabo, and Alpharius Omegon, in a battle that would be called the Drop Site Massacre. While the loyalists survived, they suffered heavy losses, including the primarch Ferrus Manus. Vulkan died as well, but being a perpetual, his body recovered, but was captured by the traitors.

Vulkan was given over to Konrad Curze, who used Vulkan's immortality to his disadvantage as he slowly tortured him into insanity. Vulkan eventually escaped and reunited with the loyalists on Macragge, but was too far gone to be of much use until he was stabbed by a mystical weapon that restored his sanity.

Post-Heresy Edit

Vulkan had been among those who opposed Roboute Guilliman's Codex Astartes; as his legion had been decimated, he had barely any soldiers left, and was opposed to the idea of breaking up the legions. During the War of the Beast two millenia later, Vulkan was the last primarch known to still be operating in the Imperium, having personally dueled one of the massive Ork Warbosses known collectively as The Beast. He was only able to defeat the Ork just barely; he pushed the Beast into a generator full of WAAAGH energy and was exposed to the blast, killing him.

Since then, Vulkan has disappeared entirely. According to the salamanders, he will return if they find all seven artifacts of Vulkan, and so far they have found half of them.

TTS Canon Edit

The Emperor orders the Ultramarines to find the remaining artifacts so that Vulkan will return, to which they succeed in a very short amount of time. Vulkan immediately appears via drop-pod to congratulate the Salamanders, though he reveals that he is still insane as he is haunted by the ghost of Ferrus Manus. He is very enthusiastic about friendships.

When Magnus and Kitten attempted to steal the Engine of Woes, Vulkan revealed that he was still alive (and more insane than he had been) because he had absorbed some of The Beast's WAAAGH energy, and reformed at an unknown time with some Orkish tendencies. Despite Magnus' treason, Vulkan wanted eagerly to hug Magnus in spite of his protests; Magnus accidentally killed Vulkan by throwing the Engine of Woes at him, but he was revived five minutes later, and swore to follow Magnus (and tour the Imperium at the same time) alongside his recently found brother Corvus Corax.

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