*Vile Snicker* "Sly Marbo. I should've known it was you. Though your theatrics have managed to ruin my day enough, your annoyance ends here."
Vrasque Malidrach is the Archon of the Kabal of the Flayed Skull, and a nemesis of Sly Marbo.

Official Canon Edit

Known as the Murderprince of the Poisoned Crown, he began as mere deathracer before ascending to the leader of the second most powerful kabal in Comorragh.

TTS Canon Edit

Vraesque and his Kabal invaded an Imperial Agri-world to collect slaves, when they were suddenly stopped by Sly Marbo. Anticipating this, Vraesque told Marbo that if he didn't leave immediately, he'd shrink the cages of his slaves and crush them to death. However, Sly Marbo's scream of fury disintegrated the prisoner's cages, and they proceeded to maul the Archon. Satisfied that his duty was finished, Sly left Vraesque to his fate.

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