Munkey is a voice actor who has done extra roles such as a kabalite warrior or a genestealer cultist. He is also been casted as the primarch Mortarion and he will not shut up about it. Seriously his filthy frank impersonation is good too, and that's what Mortarion basically sounds like. Other than being a somewhat friendly neighborhood dingus, he also likes to screech on his microphone when recording his lines. If you ever meet this handsome man you should give him free pizza and free money. ALL HAIL MUNKEY.

Characters Voiced Edit

  • Kabalite Warrior 1 (Sly Marbo Special)
  • Genestealer Cultist (Halloween special)
  • Husbando Plaguebearer (Episode 24)
  • Mortarion
  • Barbican Serf
  • Catachan Fang Wielder