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"You once more managed to succeed, on an impossible mission, WHEN YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED!... But NO! You succeeded because you were trained by the book, the holy codex of our OH-SO-WONDERFUL-I-COULD-SHIT-MY-POWERPANTS SPIRITUAL LEIGE!"
Marneus Calgar is the current Chapter Master of the Ultramarines.

Official Canon Edit

TTS Canon Edit

In keeping with his tradition of always referring to the Ultramarines as "Ultrasmurfs," the Emperor has given Calgar the moniker "Papa Smurf."

During the Tyranid invasion of Ultramar, Calgar personally challenged the Swarmlord to a duel, resulting in the Swarmlord promptly hacking off all his limbs. Unfazed, Calgar decided to call the duel a draw. However, witnessing the horrible destruction, including the deaths of the entire First Company, left a lasting impact on Calgar.

Despite this, the Ultramarines simply won the battle offscreen and for no adequately explained reason. Since that point onward, the Ultramarines have won every battle they've fought in, even if they should have been impossible. Even their past failures seem to have been retroactively altered so as to cover them up. This repeated winning streak has caused Calgar to enter a depression spiral as victory comes too easily now and has lost all satisfaction. He is also bitterly annoyed by the existence of Cato Sicarius, who is constantly trying to usurp him as Chapter Master. Even more, he hates that Sicarius didn't care at all about needlessly putting his men's lives at risk.

Uriel Ventris, one of Calgar's confidents, confesses that he believes something is altering the past in the chapter's favor. Acting suspicious, Calgar vehemently denies this, while claiming he wasn't hiding anything.

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