Little Billy is a child who constantly encounters extreme misfortune.

TTS Canon Edit

Little Billy wears a cardboard box fashioned like a space marine helmet. He keeps suffering horrible accidents yet somehow survives; because of this, some people speculate that he is a perpetual.

  • Firstly, Billy and his friends were ran over by Magnus the Red on his Bike.[1]
  • Next, he and his friends were abducted by Dark Eldar and thrown in a slave pit. He watched as the slavers turned his friends into meat puppets.[2]
  • Then, he was the target of Lucius the Eternal's "social experiment," where Lucius psychically contacted him pretending to be a little girl. Confused by the message, Lucius suddenly appeared, and assaulted him with his tentacle appendages.[3]
  • Billy was captured by the Dark Eldar again, but this time was saved by Sly Marbo.[4]
  • Was hammered in the face by Calato.[5]
  • Caught in a time loop by Lucius as part of the opening bit of his Slaaneshmas Special.[6]

Billy may possibly be a mutant, assuming that he is the same Billy that is mentioned by Boy, explaining why he wears a mask at all times.[7]

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