"We are in the Warp... the realm of Chaos!? HERESEY! HERESY EVERYWHERE!"
Fyodor Karamazov is a Lord Inquisitor, and one of the antagonists of If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device. He was one of the first adversaries to appear once the Emperor began his attempts at reforming the Imperium.

Official Canon Edit

A staunch member of the Ordo Hereticus, Karamazov is widely detested even by fellow inquisitors due to an incident that occurred on Salem Proctor. Karamazov executed a young priest who had recently reclaimed his homeworld from heretics, launching an investigation against him by Ecclesiarch Decius XXIII. Karamazov was apparently vindicated, however, when the priests' supporters were found to be heretics themselves. Nonetheless, he hadn't shown any direct proof that his victim was a heretic himself or that his suspicions had been warranted in the beginning. Karamazov is known for saying "There's no such thing as innocence in my court."

TTS Canon Edit

Karamazov is always seen on his throne of Judgement, alongside his scribe Dominique, who is constantly annoying him with his antics. He has a massive ego and is an extremist when it comes to suspecting people of Heresy.

Upon receiving the Emperor's orders to disband the Inquisition, Karamazov called an emergency meeting of Inquisitors, claiming that the message was sent by a heretic masquerading as the Emperor. He convinced them to elect him as Inquisitorial Representative, and began purging Terra of anyone suspected of heresy. But when he was confronted by Custodes claiming that the message was authentic, he vowed to storm the Imperial Palace, even as he was forced to retreat by Kitten and his men.

When he returned with the full might of the Inquisition, the found the Imperial Palace nearly empty. Decius, however, attempted to stall Fyodor by having his priests throw things at them. Though Karamazov managed to break through, he was stopped by the sight of Magnus the Red. His suspicions of heresy now confirmed, Karamazov resolved to destroy Magnus and the Custodes. It wasn't until the Emperor himself spoke that he stayed his hand. Instead of telling him the truth, however, the Emperor made Karamazov believe he was a shard of the Emperor, to inflate his gargantuan ego. The ploy was just a distraction, however, as Magnus simply threw Karamazov and the Inquisition into the Warp.

Now trapped in the realm of Chaos, Karamazov and his supporters attempted to find a way out. They discovered Kaldor Draigo, who was too insane to help, and Leman Russ, who is willing to help them survive, but is otherwise uninterested in helping them escape. He's especially disgusted with Karamazov, after he claimed to be the Emperor himself. However, after Karamazov told him that Magnus was in the throne room, Leman Russ agreed to lead them to the Gate of Khaine.

Quotes Edit

  • "Uh! My Exterminatus hand is acting up again!"
  • "Be quiet, Dominique."

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