Corvus Corax is the Primarch of the Raven Guard, and nineteenth son of the Emperor.

Official Canon Edit

Corvus Corax was found on a remote mining colony that had been enslaved by the nearby planet. When he was found by the miners, immediately they realized he was special, and kept him hidden from the overseers. Over the years, he was being trained and prepared to lead the rebellion to liberate his world, and became an expert on ambush tactics and asymmetric warfare. When he finally emerged and freed his people, the planet was renamed Deliverance. It was at this time that the Emperor discovered him.

Horus Heresy Edit

Corax was among the loyalists who were sent after Horus when his treason had been discovered. However, he, Vulkan, and Ferrus Manus were betrayed by their fellow primarchs, who also declared for Horus, and had their legions decimated in the Drop Site Massacre.

Desperate to rebuild his legion, Corax used the Emperor's cloning labs where he first created the Space Marine legions using a modified gene-seed in an effort to make new marines more quickly. Corax's efforts were foiled when Alpharius secretly added daemon blood to the gene-seed, turning his men into barely functional mutants. Those that could fight were sent as kamikaze units to seek absolution in death. Those that survived were doomed to degrade until they became insane, and so were personally given the Emperor's Peace by his own hand.

Post-Heresy Edit

Deeply remorseful of his actions, Corax left for the Eye of Terror to fight the Traitors. He was never seen again.

TTS Canon Edit

Vulkan intercepted Corax and stuffed him into the Engine of Woes, one of the artifacts of Vulkan, which has been found and placed back on Nocturne by the Ultramarines. Therein he had been writing gothic poetry constantly, and when he heard rumors that his brothers were returning to the Imperium, he attempted to get out, only to find that he was now stuck.[2]

Corax finally escaped when Magnus hurled the Engine of Woes at Vulkan. Corax swore to kill the traitor, but Magnus escaped. Vulkan embraced Corax and swore to finish hugging Magnus; Corax decided to follow him so that he could kill Magnus to keep that from happening. Corvus rejected the possibility that Magnus had simply returned to the Emperor's good graces and firmly believed that he was plotting something. Regardless of his intentions, Corvus was adamant about returning to Terra as quickly as possible.[1]

On their first stop they recruited the Catachan Jungle Fighters; while proficient warriors in their own right, Corvus was annoyed by their lack of proper equipment and their inhospitable home planet. When a Catachan Barking Toad somehow landed on his head without him noticing (which was attracted by his smell since he hadn't bathed in millennia), Corvus resolved to make sure no one would be killed by it except him. He intended to fly into the air so that no one else would be killed by the toad's explosion, only to be saved by Sly Marbo at the last second, who kicked the toad off his head and brought him back to safety.[3]

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  • "Beloved diary of my dark black soul and unforgiven chesticles. As I have written into your ice-white pages countless times already, I barely know how long I've been in this place. My cathedral of ultimate sadness... My sea of blood-soaked tears... My palace of unending, unrelenting, unyielding super guilt... Although it is none of this things, because it is actually really shitty and cramped compared to a cathedral, or a sea or a palace."[2]
  • "Vulkan, stop unintentionally killing my son."[3]
  • "Do not boop that merry suicide bomber."[3]

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