"It's time that I KICK ASS FOR THE LORD!"

Calato is a Dark Angels Champion belonging to the Deathwatch. He first appeared in Eliphas' video Inquisitor: Retarded Edition and the BEHEMOTH Trilogy before appearing in TTS.

Inquisitor: Retarded Edition Canon Edit

Calato was first seen accompany with Captain Darius and Inquisitor Kreiger to explore an ancient ruin of an unnamed planet in order to find the mysterious artifact. While exploring the ruin, Captain Darius lost communication with a sentry he sent to guard the entrance. He sent Calato and one of his squad mate to check what happened to him. Calato complained to his squad mate that he tired of his life in the Dark Angel and want to join the Deathwatch as soon as possible. Later, the duo ambushed by Khrone Berserkers and had his squad mate killed.

Behemoth Canon Edit

Calato's Kill Team came under the service of Inquisitor Kryptman, though he spent more time preparing recaff than actually fighting. However, he finally got to see some action when the Tyranids first entered the galaxy. Calato helped repel Genestealers aboard Kryptman's ship, and was prepared to fight an onslaught on the world that they were defending.

Calato was very wary about teaming up with the Blood Ravens, as he had heard rumors of their kleptomania.

TTS Canon Edit

Calato is among the exiled Inquisition when they were found by Leman Russ in the Warp. Calato insulted Russ to his face due to the Dark Angels/Space Wolves rivalry, but later apologized over around of Ale.

Quotes Edit

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